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          2. 公司簡介


            Changzhou Optical Technical Co,Ltd was founded in 1998. Located in Dynamics Armament Industrial Park, Xinbei District,Changzhou city,it's north to Shanghai-Nanjing expressway,east to Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Changzhou railway station,west to Changzhou International airport The company covers production 10000 square meters,including 1000 square meters clean room. Changzhou Optics Photoelectric Technology Co,Ltd is a high-tech enterprisc in Jiangsu province, It boast an experienced first-class talent team,among them more than 30 engineers and 200 technicians, It passed the ISO14001:2015,ISO9000:2015 system certification,obtained 8 patents,15 utility model patents and 3 high-tech products in Jiangsu Provice, It also set up Jiangsu Precision Optical Lens Engineering Technology Center,cooperate with Changchun Institute of Optics,Fine Mechanics and Physics,Chinese Academy of Science and become the training base for Changchun Uni versity of Science and Technology.








             The company is mainly engaged in:


            Optical lens series: widely used in various industrial fields, laser measurement, laser marking, laser cutting, aerospace, environmental / human body temperature measurement, forest fire monitoring, medical equipment;


            SLR camera, DV, smart phones, smart furniture, sports DV, traffic monitoring, road monitoring, forest fire prevention and other fields;


            Optical components series: widely used in digital cameras, intelligent monitoring, microscope, laser range finder, level, projector, night vision, optical communication, and other types of lenses.


            In the spirit of loyalty,hard work,responsibility and collaboration ,we satisfy our staffs and customers most based on the prin ciples of sincere, win-win and long-term cooperation.
































            2012 12 month


            Nondestructive high precision optical lens has been identified as high-tech products.


            2012 10 month


            Identified as the enterprise technology center by the Changzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission.


            2012 06 month


            Jiangsu precision optical lens Engineering Technology Research Center was established


            2011 08 month


            Identified as High-Tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.


            2011 05 month


            High precision optical lens has been identified as high-tech products


            2010 01 month


            Changzhou precision optical lens Engineering Technology Research Center was established


            2009 12 month


            Identified as private technology enterprise By the Association of private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.




            2008 11 month


            Passed the Audit of ISO9001:2008 System.




            2006 09 month


            Passed the Audit of ISO9001:2000 System.




            1998 08 month


            Changzhou Optical Technical Co,Ltd was established in 1988.